About Daggerhart Lab

Website & Web Application Developers

Daggerhart Lab based in Asheville, NC is a group of thoughtful, and expert developers creating websites and web applications for clients throughout the United States. Our team of diverse and seasoned Drupal, WordPress, Shopify, PHP, and JavaScript developers enjoy facing unique challenges and are never afraid to try new things. We enjoy creating unexampled solutions and firmly believe in using the right tools for the job. Sometimes that even means utilizing those tools in new ways, as we are always striving to improve our processes, project delivery and to learn new things.

The Development Of Daggerhart Lab

The start of our company came at a time when things felt very uncertain for many of us career-wise. As the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 began, many of us were working for another development agency that unfortunately decided to close their doors. This left many of us asking “what’s next?”, as well as many clients without the help they needed from developers they had established relationships with. As a result, a number of the clients we had directly worked with started reaching out to a few of us about continuing our development projects with them. This is when Jonathan Daggerhart decided to start something new. Our goal when we started was to provide continuity and stability for as many employees and clients as possible. As we continue to grow as a company, not only are we sticking to our original intention, we are taking on incredible new projects and working with phenomenal new developers.

Though our beginnings may have come from an unfortunate situation, we are building a strong company that truly serves our clients and employees with the highest regard.

Who Is Daggerhart Lab?

Jonathan Daggerhart is a developer from Western North Carolina who has been developing for most of his life. He started with BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) in the early 90s, which was a software that allowed you to share a common platform with other users. BBSes were a space for people to connect by participating in direct and publicly posted messages, playing games with each other, as well as sharing files. That’s some heavy lifting for 1991! As the presence of the internet grew and websites started to become more commonplace in the mid-’90s, Jonathan began learning HTML, eventually studying and working with JavaScript and PHP. Since 2007 he has been developing in Drupal and in 2009 also began working in WordPress, ever-expanding his knowledge base throughout his career.

Jonathan is joined by an incredible team of creative and client-focused developers and project managers who will hopefully allow Daggerhart Lab to write glowing bios about them someday. They deserve it.

Our Mission

We hope to build a better, sustainable, and more equitable web development company. We achieve transparency through fairness, treat everyone with respect, and approach our work with thoughtful curiosity. We are excited to learn and share our success with others.

Work With Our Team Of Friendly Professionals

We strive to be a true partner with our clients, collaborating with them to not only achieve their goals but to exceed them. At the heart of what we do is exploring difficult problems, in hopes of offering guidance, sure reasoning, and concrete solutions. We do this with honest, kind, and clear communication throughout every project, finding that genuine camaraderie leads to the strongest results.

We look forward to hearing from you about your next project or if you’re a developer looking for exciting new challenges.

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