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Recent Blog Posts

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Pattern Lab & Atomic Design For WordPress & Drupal

In which we explore using Atomic Design with Pattern Lab to more efficiently migrate a clientโ€™s WordPress website to Drupal, or vice versa.

Composer: How to use Git repositories

Recently I found myself needing to add a random GitHub repository to a Drupal project using composer. There are a number of approaches to accomplishing this, but I didn’t find any clear examples for both How and Why to use the various approaches. This post hopes to illuminate those aspects of composer.

Guzzle Requests & JSON in Drupal 8

Re-blog of an article I wrote for Hook 42’s website: Consuming JSON APIs in Drupal 8.

Plugins & Modules

OpenID Connect Generic

plugin, WordPress

Eventbrite Attendees Block

Drupal, Drupal 8

Sweet Widget Admin UI

plugin, WordPress

Unlimited Fields Remove

Drupal, Drupal 7, Fields, sandbox

Cron Reports

Drupal, Drupal 6, sandbox

Views JS Load

Drupal, Drupal 6, Views

Custom Batch Processes

Batch API, Drupal, Drupal 6

Widget Wrangler

widgets, WordPress

Query Wrangler

WordPress, WP_Query