This WordPress plugin allows site users to log in to a WordPress site after authenticated with an OAuth 2.0 identity provider. Non-existent users will be created within WordPress as new users. Can be configured in Single-Sign On mode, and provides some simple mechanisms to make the entire site private to non-authenticated users if desired.

OpenID Connect Generic on Github

Requires PHP 5.4+

Screenshot of login page when plugin is enabled.
Screenshot of login page with this plugin enabled.

2 thoughts on “OpenID Connect Generic

  • Torens

    Thanks for a nice plugin. I’ve been testing it with Keycloak as the IdP and could log in easily.

    Do you know if it is possible to map the WordPress role of a user with a Keycloak role? So if I create a wp-editor role in Keycloak, for instance, WordPress knows the user is an editor? I just don’t understand how OpenId Connect works in that regard. I can “map” things, but have no clue as to what values I should input.

  • Guilherme Negreiros

    I have the same question/issue…
    How can I map roles (OpenID – WordPress)? I’ve been using User Role Editor plugin but all users are logging in as a subscriber.

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