This plugin is my attempt at providing simple solutions for complex problems concerning the WordPress Widget admin interface.


  1. Makes the widget edit box appear as a modal pop-up on the dashboard. Truth is, it’s not a modal, it is just some JS & CSS. Unless “some JS & CSS” is all it takes to be a modal, in which case, it’s totally a modal.
  2. Makes widget forms appear in a new column in the Customizer

That’s it!


Appearance > Widgets:


Check out the project on Github and let me know what you think. Got more simple solutions to complex Widget Admin problems?

About the Author

Jonathan Daggerhart

Long time Drupal and WordPress developer. I like to write modules and plugins, and I dabble in frontend and design.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Widget Admin UI

  • Michael Hull

    Very cool! I love plugins with minimal code like this, that still manages to greatly improve some aspect of core.

    P.S. It passes my personal definition of a “modal” (which is pretty broad) :)

    • Jonathan Daggerhart

      Recently I’ve been think a lot about “zero-configuration” plugins, and hope to write more.

      Your personal definition of modal is good enough for me 🙃


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